Highly Intensified Session [7:00am-8:15am] June 10th-August 2nd- Recommended for males entering grades 9-12 - $170.00
Comprehensive Session [8:30am-9:30am] -June 10th-Aug. 2nd - Recommended for males entering grades 6-9 - $170.00
Comprehensive Session [9:45am-10:45am] -June 10th-August 2nd -Recommended for females entering grades 6-12 - $170.00
Foundational Session Recommended for 2nd-5th Males and Females [11:00-11:45] Starting July 8th-July31st Monday Tuesday and Wednesdays - $60.00
Athletic Drawstring Bag *Optional* - $10.00
T-Shirt *iOptional* - $0.00
Shorts *Optional* - $25.00
T-SHIRTS INCLUDED *For Multi child discount enter Second in the promo code* Please select 1 course time from the options above

Purchase of shorts and drawstring bags is optional and is in addition to the program cost. Please indicate your t-shirt/short size below.




Shorts are not part of the program cost.